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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


That's what I say about this report.

Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the police sergeant who arrested him last July after a confrontation outside his home both missed opportunities to "ratchet down" the situation and end things more calmly, according to a review of the case released Wednesday.

So according to the report, Gates shares partial blame for this stupid white cop showing up in his house for no reason and arresting Gates when he asked for his badge number. Uh, okay.

The independent review said "misunderstandings and failed communications" and a "certain degree of fear" each man had for the other led to the six-minute dispute that ended with the renowned black scholar being placed in handcuffs by the veteran white Cambridge police sergeant.

There's a term for an innocent black man having fear for a white man with a gun, it's called "reason."

There's a term for a white man having fear for an innocent unarmed black man, it's called "racism."

The report is stupid and fucked. If the people who wrote the report don't understand that, then there is no hope for them.


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  2. I thought we had a truce asshole. Now stay the fuck away from me.