Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me and I welcome their hatred.-FDR


Malkintented-My name for blogger Michelle Malkin.  She is never happy in any of her posts on her blog, so she is malcontented.

Levitating crap/shit/fuck-Instead of "flying" I chose "levitating" cause I like that word.  It's cooler than flying.  Also it can be added to the beginning of "rat's ass."

Semitious-Short for "Semi-facetious."  It's when I'm kidding and being serious at the same time.

Alfalsism-Opposite of "altruism."  It's doing the wrong thing and demanding a reward.

GOPiate of the Masses/Pilonidal Fascyst-Rush Limbaugh.  Refers to the Marx quote on religion and the fact that Limbaugh had a Pilonidal Cyst on his ass to get out of Vietnam.

MesSarah-Sarah Palin.  They called Obama "Obamessiah" to mock him, this one is for Palin.

Dumbassionate Conservative-Like compassionate conservative, but more realistic.

Jew Hunter-Charles Johnson.  Makes fun of how he was a hard right-winger during the Bush years, but all of a sudden is a "hero" to the left.  Just like the Jew Hunter from Inglorious Basterds.

John "Cut-Down-The-Birch" Society-People who hate the environment.  Not just people who want to cut down trees, but all forms of anti-environmentalism.

Shorter-Taking a really long rant and making it shorter to show the author's intent.  I didn't invent this concept, but use it.

Have a milkshake-I knew this dude named Pat who once complained that the government took away his right to drink a milkshake cause transfats were taken out of it.  "Have a milkshake" is to calm someone down and at the same time say they are full of shit.

Denier-Someone who doesn't acknowledge global warming, like a holocaust denier.

Fred Phelps in a Bikini-Carrie Prejean.

LPG/Levitating Pizza Goblin-Sort of my alternative to the "Flying Spaghetti Monster."

Aynrandinistas-Term for Ayn Rand cultists or fellow travelers of the Ayn Rand "greed is good" philosophy.

Chalk Full of Nuts-Glenn Beck.  It's a reference to his chalkboard and being a nut.

Folksyistical-Trying to be folksy.  Coined when describing Sarah Palin.

Overdog-Opposite of "underdog."

Ethically Challenged-Secular word to describe "evil."  Used as adjective, trying to find a noun form.

Watergategate-Used to describe the Watergate burglary and mocks the over use of "gate."

Cavemanish-Looking like a caveman.

Squirrel-Tom Delay.

Tarma-It's like karma except it's for smokers who act like assholes.  The effects of smoking will catch up to them one day.

Snowball warming-A term to describe the phenomenon in which areas of the Earth that get colder due to the ice caps melting due to global warming.