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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anti-Semitism Projection

With all the fuss of Helen Thomas's comments, I have to call bullshit on those who are calling her anti-semitic for them.

1. I believe Thomas was angry over the flotilla raid that resulted in 9 deaths of peace activists. I think even at Helen's age, journalists make mistakes. Her mistake was giving a sound bite to the media. "Get the hell out of Palestine" doesn't really sound good, if given time she would have made a better argument. But at the same time, I don't want to blame the victim here and this outrage was a calculated attack from her critics to smear her 50 years of service to this country.

2. What kind of anti-semite would want Jews to live in America? Seriously, an anti-semite in the US would want fewer Jews living in the US instead of more as Thomas put it. The US, Germany, or Poland would be 100 times safer for Jews than in Israel. Israelis currently live in constant fear of revenge attacks from pissed-off Palestinians, anywhere else would be safer.

3. The real anti-semites are Christian conservatives. Christianity has always been in conflict with Judaism and it hit a peak with Hitler. The truth is that many anti-semites support Israel for two reasons: they hate the Muslims more than Jews and they want the Jews in Israel because they believe the raptures will come some day. Until that day (which will never come), they will sit on the sidelines and watch both sides kill each other. Conservatives are the real anti-semites, we need to remember that at all time.

As for Helen Thomas, she is old and will die some day and I hope her legacy will be positive because she is a pioneer and a hero.

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