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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Idiocy of Doug Powers Part 1

Malkintented's funnier, but dumber co-blogger Doug Powers has his take on endangered Red Squirrels in Arizona.

The money is from a Federal Highway Administration grant. I’d imagine that any fraction of the “Bridge to Nutwhere” money that Arizona doesn’t spend will be returned to the federal government and put into a fund that will be used to sue them over the immigration law.

Ha ha ha, "Bridge to Nutwhere", you are so funny! I guess when the squirrel goes extinct, they will call it the "Memorial Bridge to Nutwhere." The John "Cut-Down-The-Birch" Society rules again!

By the way, do you know what 1.25 million dollars in terms of government spending is? There are 300 million Americans, if every one of them gave a penny, that's 3 million dollars. 1.25 million is less than half a penny from every American. In terms of spending, that's nothing and if you don't want to spend less than half a penny to help save a species from going extinct forever, I have to conclude that you hate that species...or are just stupid or both.

Doug wasn't done with the comedy.

At least when drug cartels take over the entire state, the squirrels will have an escape route.

Like Cindy McCain?

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