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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Malkintented, Standing up for the Powerful and Corrupt

In the conservative worldview, those who have power and money are the victims and those who try to do something about it are "evil." Big banks, big tobacco, the health insurance companies, and especially big oil are all innocent entities and liberals are meanies for even trying to attempt regulation. We see this from Malkintented:

For all his John Wayne rhetoric on the BP oil spill, President Obama has failed to administer a swift kick to the ample, deserving rump of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. No matter. Federal judge Martin Feldman has now done the job the White House won’t do.

In a scathing ruling issued Tuesday afternoon, New Orleans-based Feldman overturned the administration’s radical six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling – and he singled out Salazar’s central role in jerry-rigging a federal panel’s scientific report to bolster flagrantly politicized conclusions. In a sane world, Salazar’s head would roll. In Obama world, he gets immunity.

Move over BP with their turtle and dolphin killing oil, there's a new bad guy, Salazar? Seriously, does Michelle have no fucking shame? Never mind the violent imagery of "heads rolling" of course. In the conservative world, "jerry-rigging a federal panel’s scientific report to bolster flagrantly politicized conclusions" means anything that stands in the way of our narrow-world view and tells the truth.

But who is this Feldman dude? Oh right.

The federal judge who overturned the Obama administration's deepwater drilling ban in the Gulf of Mexico reportedly has extensive investments in the energy industry, financial disclosure reports reveal.Read more:

U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman owned roughly $15,000 in Transocean Ltd. stock in 2008.

Transocean owned the Deepwater Horizon rig that exploded April 20, killing 11 workers and triggering the worst oil spill disaster in U.S. history, with as much as 127 million gallons of oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico.

Oops. I guess corruption is okay with Malkintented, but doing something about it is wrong to her.

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