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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fuck the Private Sector!

When public sector gives people jobs while the private sector lags behind, it's time for the government to save the economy.

Job creation by private companies grew at the slowest pace since the start of the year, as a wave of census hiring lifted payrolls by 431,000 in May.

This is what saved America in the Great Depression, the government being the savior of the economy until the private sector kept people unemployed. Obama and Congress need to start hiring more people to work on works projects like fixing highways, building wind turbines, etc to get the ball rolling. And don't worry about the fucking deficit, these projects create long-term success and growth.

The census proved that the government can give people jobs out of nowhere with less hassle from CEOs trying to squeeze every nickle out of us. Also public sector unions are less likely to be harassed by those in charge.

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