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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Keith Needs to Resign in Protest

I remember when Michael Moore was promoting is movie about Capitalism on Countdown last year, he was talking about the day when the corporate bosses would silence people like him and Keith. It seems like that day has come. And don't give me this shit about "Keith violated company policy with his political contributions", I know this has nothing to do with it and I wasn't born yesterday. This has to do with some head officials at GE and NBC saying, "Okay, it's time to rough up Keith, he is getting a little too powerful. Let's suspend him for a while and see if that chills his free speech." The fact that they have the balls to suspend the top talent on MSNBC shows me that they don't care about the temporary loss of Countdown viewership when the potential result of rebellion against corporations as a whole might be greater if Keith gets his way, even if Keith hasn't targeted GE by name. But the thing about corporations and their CEOs is that they watch out for each other, remember that so Keith might as well be bashing GE in the eyes of the GE CEOs.

MSNBC has also gotten a lot of flack for being "too liberal" lately and this is also partially an attempt to reverse that criticism. Guess what, who cares? If they are liberal, they tell the truth more, period. But Keith's situation has shown that speech on MSNBC is no longer protected. I don't really watch or care about Chris and Ed, but I like Rachel Maddow and they will be coming for her too some day. So maybe Keith Olbermann and anybody else with a conscience needs to quit MSNBC and maybe start their own show on a different and independent network. We have seen what has happened to the hosts on Air America Radio, when you try to work within the rules of your corporate oppressors, you will get fucked and the only way to succeed is to sometimes break free. Keith should take this opportunity to tell MSNBC to shove it.

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