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Friday, August 20, 2010

Why Why Why?

There are a lot of clueless people in this world, it sometimes takes Occam's Razor to point out the truth.

An Iraq war veteran who police say shot and killed his pregnant wife and young daughter before turning the gun on himself left behind no clues to explain what might have prompted the bloodshed, investigators say.

Let's see, a man is sent over to a foreign country with a gun and training on how to kill Iraqis and after a while of fighting in war, comes home to his wife and kid. Most of the time, nothing bad happens, but every so often one of them snaps and goes crazy. It's called PTSD, it effects every soldier to a certain degree. This is why we should only go to war when it's a last resort; war causes too much damage and not just on the battlefield.

Add 3 more deaths to the body count of this war.

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