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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Idiocy of Doug Powers

Today's installment of my ongoing feature includes Doug's epic battle with, uh Ben Affleck.

He starts off replying to this quote by Affleck:

CEOs’ pay shouldn’t be 200 times the average worker. It used to be nine times.

With this:

Let’s throw Gigli, the disastrous movie that Affleck received $12.5 million to make, out of the mix and use a lower figure for comparison. Affleck reportedly earned a paltry $10 million for The Sum of All Fears. Let’s consider other “average workers” in that field. For example, according to, the median salary for a camera operator in the television & motion picture industry in Los Angeles is just over $80,000 per year.

Affleck makes in the neighborhood of 125 times more than that on one movie. Factor in an entire year and he probably earns in the neighborhood of 500 times the “average worker” in his industry — maybe a lot more.

Before we start regulating CEO pay, maybe we should start with actors. The Hollywood left likes the idea of creeping socialism, just as long as it doesn’t creep any farther west than San Bernardino.

If you haven't noticed the flaw in Doug's "logic" by now, let me say it. ACTORS AREN'T CEOS!!!!! They are workers too, they just make a shit load of a lot more money than the others. They are comparable to athletes who make a lot of money too, but they aren't in the same boat salary wise as say a popcorn vendor. The actors work for a CEO as well. The CEOs run the movie studios they are the head of. Even directors are hired (and fired) by the CEOs when doing movies.

Maybe if Powers went after them instead of the actors for making a lot more money than the average worker, it would be a little different. But Doug's intent was "let's laugh at the Hollywood liberal, nah nah!" But even then, Hollywood ethically wise is not on the same level as the banking and financial industries. The movie industry might not be 100% perfect when it comes to labor and other standards, but they sure as hell didn't cause any major crashes in their history.

And of course the Hollywood left has been on the right side of stuff politically which is something I can't say about Doug Powers. D'oh!

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