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Friday, December 31, 2010

Global Warming Deniers are Still Idiots

While idiots in America are looking out their window and saying "it's cold outside, so there is no global warming", people in other countries are already seeing the effects.

In this humid, lush region where an important part of the world's breakfast is born, the evidence of climate change is — literally — a weak tea.

Growers in tropical Assam state, India's main tea growing region, say rising temperatures have led not only to a drop in production but to subtle, unwelcome changes in the flavor of their brews.

In a way, the denial of global warming has a racist and xenophobic undertone to it because the people most affected by it will be in third world/developing countries. So of course racists and xenophobes will be less likely to care about global warming. The flavor of the tea in India may seem like a small problem, but when so many people depend on a certain crop, the loss of productivity can lead to more poverty. This is why we need to do something about the REAL problem of global warming. While some idiots in the back woods of Florida are spewing bullshit, real scientists are already analyzing data and doing research. We should be listening to the scientists, not the idiots.

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