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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Get Pissed

Talk about adding insult to injury, Bernie Goldberg wants us to thank our oppressors.

Right there, among the sacred national structures that honor great Americans, we need to build a shiny monument to ... (this is where the drum roll would come in) The Rich -- otherwise known in liberal circles as the filthy, no-good, greedy, heartless rich.

The statue could be simple and elegant: a rich guy in a business suit holding hundred-dollar bills in both hands, extended toward the blue sky.

I realize the statue reference is a joke (I hope), but the "kiss the asses of the rich" references is what Bernie is trying to get across. This is another might-makes-right puke-inducing piece that just makes anybody concerned with social justice get pissed. And the "filthy, no-good, greedy, heartless rich" reference is just a way to diminish our criticism of the rich, because they generally are with a few exceptions filthy, no-good, greedy, and heartless. Then Bernie goes on to cite some misleading stats:

I offer a few numbers to make my case:Did you know that the top 1 percent of Americans pay about 38 percent of all our federal personal taxes (according to the National Taxpayers Union)? Or that the top 5 percent pay just under 60 percent? Or that the top 10 percent pay about 70 percent of all the personal income taxes collected in this great land of ours?

Uh, maybe that's because they earn more in income, so of course the tax rates will be higher, dumbass. But as I point out, the richest 1% used to pay 70%, so obviously they are not paying as much as they used to, so because of this the rich will only get richer and the poor and middle class will get poorer. We deserve better than this.

So let's get busy on that shiny monument in our nation's capital. And let's get some unemployed people out there building it. It's the least they can do for those nice rich people who have been keeping them afloat.

Elitist fuck, rich people are the cause of our problems, they don't deserve a monument, they deserve a kick in the ass. It's time that we stand up to this injustice and reclaim our country from the rich and powerful. Get pissed.

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