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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Democrats are Corrupt When They Behave Like Republicans

When I hear something like this happen to someone like Rangel, Patterson, Blogo, Jefferson, etc, I'm ashamed they are a Democrat. Of course corruption itself IMHO is a conservative thing, so a Democrat is corrupt when they behave like a Republican.

Think about it, conservatism focuses on "individualism" and we know that is a code word for "greed." So to a conservative, they are just trying to get ahead in society, fuck everybody else. Rangel's crimes fit in well with the conservative ideology that I'm surprised that he is a Democrat. Let's also not forget he didn't pay his taxes, conservatives have always pimped their anti-tax ideology and Rangel was just following that.

Governor Patterson covered up for his friend's domestic abuse. Again, misogyny is a virtue of the right, so again conservatism plays into corruption.

In William Jefferson's case, it was bribery. Of course we have legal bribes and they are called "political contributions." Conservatives have been rejoicing in the Citizens United case which opens up the floodgates to corporate bribery of politicians.

With Blogo again, personal gain over doing what's right.

If Democrats just did the work of the people, ie being real liberals, they wouldn't have these ethical violations. On the other hand, the Republican Party is 100% corrupt cause it adheres to an ideology that promotes greed, elitism, power, alfalsism, etc. We saw this with Jim Bunning's anti-unemployed crusade (which was unsuccessful, thank LPG) and we are seeing it with the healthcare debate. The Republican Party is totally fucked, Democrats shouldn't behave like them.


  1. This is hilarious. Even with overwhelming evidence, you can't assign ownership to your own party but rather find another way to align this overwhelming criminalistic behavior with Republicans who, by the way, work for the good of all, or at least those who wish for the freedom to succeed through personal effort as opposed to those who wish to suck from the efforts of others.

  2. I post it the way I see it, corruption is conservative no matter how you try to spin it. Just because you have a "D" behind your name doesn't make you a liberal.