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Monday, May 31, 2010

We Need a Peace Day

Today is Memorial Day and it's one of three days (other two are Veterans and Armed Forces Days) when we sit back and forget about the bloody wars and government lies to honor those who have served in the wars. While the days are to honor the warriors, in the back of my mind I believe the holidays to an extent are used to cover up the war lies by the war hawks. Specifically Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the countless smaller "police state" battles we've fought across the world. They stand behind the troops like they are human shields against criticism.

I have been having debates with myself about whether or not the soldiers who fight in these wars are as responsible for the murder and lies because they choose to fight. The truth is that most people who fight these wars are poor and/or have little understanding about where or who or why they are fighting. A few on the other hand have ethically challenged motives for going to war and are war criminals.

On the other hand, the motives of those who are part of the anti-war movement are clear, they support peace. The Vietnam War was an unjust war and those who protested the war were 100% right to do so. Ditto with Iraq and Afghanistan. The peace movement has been smeared by war hawks and conservatives and I think it's time to give them their credit, their own holiday. It should be called "Peace Day" to honor Americans who protest war and excess military spending. I choose July 10th, Cindy Sheehan's birthday.

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