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Monday, May 31, 2010


I haven't gotten around to this, but it's been almost 2 weeks since Rand Paul was nominated in Kentucky and boy the GOP knows how to pick them. When you criticize the Civil Rights Act of 1964, expect people to think you are racist. "But wait, Paul said he's not a racist and supports most of the CRA." Yeah, but he opposes the most important part of it.

he would have raised some questions on the constitutionality of Title II of the Act, which prohibits private businesses who provide public accommodations from discriminating on the basis of race, religion, or national origin against their customers, arguing that it infringes upon Constitutionally-enshrined freedoms.

That was heart of the civil rights matter in the 60s that blacks were discriminated against for their skin color from going into places that were open to the public. Of course, there are private organizations like the KKK or country clubs that require membership to get into and can discriminate, but they aren't like restaurants or hotels where you don't have to be a member to get in. Rand Paul doesn't understand that and it's ignorance.

Paul said he abhors racism, and he would have marched with Martin Luther King Jr.

I wonder how that conversation would have gone:

Paul: Hey there, I'm not a racist, but I support that restaurant owner's right to be racist and kick you out. Can we march together?
King: Fuck off!

Another thing is that Rand Paul is not really a libertarian, he also opposes gay marriage and abortion. But there is nothing more authoritarian than giving a business owner a right to discriminate. This is the conservative worldview to give as much power to corporations to circumvent doing the right thing and expanding freedoms. Big business takes away freedom from workers and consumers and pretends they are giving it under the guise of the "free market." That is bullshit and true libertarians want more business regulation.

Paul also opposes the Americans With Disabilities Act. Palin has endorsed him, I wonder how she feels having a child with Down Syndrome and his lack of support for the ADA...oh wait, Palin doesn't give a levitating shit about Trig and he's just a prop to her and she's a shameless opportunist, my mistake.

Paul also stupidly said that Obama's criticism of BP is "unAmerican." Uh, moron, BP is "British Petroleum", how is that unAmerican?

One more point, Rand is his father's son and this senate campaign is a continuation of Ron Paul's unsuccessful grab for more power. The Paul cult and the teabaggers have gathered around Rand and I think Jack Conway should run as hard as he can to give Democrats another victory in a year they are suppose to lose seats. Paul has never been in office and I hope Conway wipes the floor with Paul's ass, but Paul is leading the polling now and I hope things will turn around by November.

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  1. Scientists claim that a headless cockroach can only be expected to survive for 10 days.

    Kentucky may have found the exception to the rule in Rand Paul!

    This short satire is my video response to the good doctor: