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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vox Day and the Confederate Flag

From the most insane man in America, here's Vox's take on the Confederate Flag:

It would be educational to see what would happen if Southerners refused to enlist and re-enlist until ludicrous ban on Southern heritage and Southron (sic) pride is rescinded.

Yes, southern heritage only began in 1861 when 12 states committed treason and tried to leave the United States over slavery. That would be like saying German heritage only began when they started flying the Swastika. But Vox continues:

Without the South, the Marine Corps would find itself transformed into a mercenary force largely populated by gangsters looking to acquire combat training and Mexicans seeking citizenship.

Let's add some racism into the mix. Vox assumes A. all the southern marines are white and B. that all the minorities are violent. Thank you for that open racism Vox, it's great to express what you really think, racist fucker!

Of course, if that's the ultimate objective of the policy, then we can expect that the ban on the Confederate Battle flag will only be the first step and it won't be long before other patriotic symbols such as the Gadsden Flag and the Betsy Ross Flag are banned as well.

I think in the end it comes down to that supporters of the Confederacy view the rebellion as an act in support of the United States against the "Yankee tyranny." But in reality is was treason against the United States, the stars and bars should not even be mentioned along side the Gadsden or Betsy Ross flags. The stars and bars are the American equivalence to the Swastika, states shouldn't even be allowed to have them on their state flags.

The Marines and the other military branches do a lot of stupid and unethical things, but they are 100% right to ban the tattoo, Vox is 100% wrong.

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