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Friday, July 12, 2013

Trayvon Martin: American Hero

Regardless of the verdict against George Zimmerman, I think we should remember Trayvon Martin as someone who refused to back down. Zimmerman, a creepy dude tried to harass Martin because he was black, or young, or not wearing the right clothes and Martin stood up to him. And the coward Zimmerman shot him in cold blood instead of accepting that Martin was in the right to defend himself from him. That's what this case is about, a young black man refusing to let someone unjustly tell him what to do. Of course some say he probably shouldn't have used violence against Zimmerman, but that's just blaming the victim. Not only is he a victim, but a hero and we need to remember him even if the murderer Zimmerman walks free. We need to name parks and buildings and streets after him. We need to remember the day he was shot February 26th and honor him.

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