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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Global Warming Denial is a Conspiracy Theory

Amanda Marcotte is right, you have to be a crazy conspiracy theorist to deny global warming.

Climate change denialism is so widespread and sadly socially acceptable that it’s sometimes easy to forget that a) it’s a conspiracy theory and b) it’s one that’s so wackadoodle it makes the claim that NASA faked the moon landing seem reasonable. After all, the pull of a faked moon landing, you probably only need to have a few hundred co-conspirators, maybe 1,000 at most. Nearly impossible, unless you’re Beyoncé and the goal is to simply keep your secret album from getting mentioned in the press before you drop it. But at least the moon landing conspiracy theory assumes everyone works for one institution.

But the scope of what climate change denialists argue is happening is well beyond that. You have to assume that thousands upon thousands of scientists from a diverse range of nations are conspiring, with their diverse governments no less, to hoodwink the public with a scientific theory that any moron can easily verify is true by considering what happens to the inside of a car on a hot summer day. Let’s be clear: It is not possible to get that many people with so many competing interests together to pull a hoax like that. It can’t be done. If you’ve ever tried to get 15 people together for a dinner party, you should know that organizing a conspiracy that would literally have to involve millions of people keeping their mouths shut is impossible. Not just hard. Impossible.

I'll take the word of the scientific community over some random idiot in the backwoods.

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